Twisted Twilight 

Explore your home to discover what has happened. But beware the dark...

Programming - QuietBenchZen

Music and Sound Design - Austin Blau

Game and Level Design - Jhifara

Tileset - Modern Interiors by LimeZu

  • The following assets were modified for use by Jhifara 
    • Large Bed with green and white covers 
    • Key / Keyrack
    • Fireplace Chimney

Font - Scratch Kit by Ammy K

Created for Weekly Game Jam 176 "Charge"


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I like the game and the atmosphere you created. It's a little frustrated that I need to restart if I die.. 


I loved this little game! 
The atmosphere was beautiful and the instruments part was so pleasing to the ear and unespected!
Thank you so much for creating this, keep going!

controls didn't work for me. I pressed enter and the game didn't begin .

Hm, the only thing I could think that it might be is the game won't be listening for keystrokes if you click off the canvas. I'd try hitting enter after re-clicking the game canvas